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Feeding the Chickens

Aug. 8, 2015By: Alfie Abella (Teacher)

Being a teacher is somewhat like feeding chickens.  When you’re feeding chickens, you have to make sure they eat the food given to them to get the right nutrients.  It’s disappointing if one of your chickens gets sick or dies.  You may get frustrated if the feed spoils or spills out of the container, wasting time, money, and effort.  To avoid this you should have the correct container and supplies for the chickens’ needs.  From time to time you might have to change the type of chicken feed to ensure the chickens will keep on eating.  

chickens47037993a0Like raising temperamental chickens, teachers also encounter various types of behaviors in students and this needs to be considered before implementing the lesson you are going to teach.  The lesson needs to be prepared properly so the students enjoy and understand the lesson.  Assessments need to be given to make sure the kids really understand the topic you have discussed.  

HP_8_3_2In my experience while teaching the kids at CCHS, I have undergone different emotions.  Sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I feel mad or even guilty, but I try to not let that be a hindrance.  I pray to the Lord that He will always guide me with the exact words and actions needed for the lesson I am going to share with my students. 

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