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Sweet Reward!

Being a teacher implies that when I am inside the classroom, I possess various roles.  I may be a model, a facilitator, a motivator, a surrogate-parent and so on.  Being a teacher at CCHS is a fulfilling job for me because I know every student has some specific learning need.  I may not be able to totally fulfill all their needs, but I can help each child attain more. 

Young kids always love to play and be imaginative.  Recently one day in Civics class was a particularly good day of fun and learning for me and my students.  Our topic on that day was studying about the various beautiful, historical, and well-known places in the Philippines.

I told the kids we were going on a trip.  I started our class with, “Kids I want you to close your eyes.  Pretend we are going to ride an airplane to Manila. We’ll start in Cebu and go visit the beautiful places in Luzon.”  Then the kids opened their eyes and looked at the pictures of different places in Luzon.  We “visited” Rizal Park, Fort Santiago, the Rice Terraces, and a lot more.

I was amazed at the interaction during the lesson.  The students asked a lot of questions and were curious about each place.  They wanted to know more about different places in our country, the Philippines.

And as I finished the class that day, I knew the kids had learned a lot and I felt fulfilled as their Civics teacher.

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