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Valentine's Day

Feb. 17, 2013By: Tammy Vosika

Thursday was Valentine's Day!  The kids had been telling me all week that they were going to give me a "valentine's day" (cards).  As soon as the kids walked into the school gate in the morning, they passed out letters to the teachers!  So fun!  Later in the day, we had a little party in our classroom and made some valentine cards to pass out to the kids' friends, aunties, uncles, and teachers.  


The Level C girls decided to make necklaces for the teachers.  Here is a picture of the Level C teachers sporting their valentine's!  


Thanks to some visitors, we had some of the conversation heart candy!  I passed out a few of them as Valentine's Day messages to the kids.  I gave one of our 11-year-old girls one that said, "You Shine".  Later that afternoon, she came back to my classroom and handed me a flower.  She said, "This is for you Teacher Tam!  You are so very shiny!"  So cute!  I love our kids!      


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