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New Faces

May. 28, 2015By: Shari Reasoner

Just as the kids are finishing up summer activities and heading into the last three weeks of their summer break, the school staff is getting geared back up to kick off the new school year.  Whew!  Summer went by so fast!  The staff reports back on Monday, June 8 for two weeks of planning and preparation.  Six new people will join our staff this year, so we have lots to do to get ready for the kids on June 22.  Five of the new members are from Cebu or someplace nearby.  Each will bring a fresh set of skills, one is an elementary major, another is a math major and yet another is a special education major.  The sixth new person, Amanda, is from the US, just having completed her studies in science education.  It’s been a couple of years since we have had a teacher from North America, so we are looking forward to having a native English speaker on the staff full time. 



More news of fun and learning will follow from the school halls in the weeks and months to come, but as we get ready for the kids, think of us and pray especially for the six new teachers, Alfie, Micillent, Lyrah, Amanda, Ethel and Ivy, who have committed to teaching at CCHS this year. 

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