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May. 4, 2015By: Jinkee Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

There are different departments at CSC:  Child Care, Counseling, Office, Medical, School, Therapy, and Maintenance.

Some of the departments do not interact with the kids on a daily basis.  They are either dealing with paperwork or fixing a broken light bulb.  Their work is as important as an auntie cooking a meal for the kids.  The children are blessed no matter what a person’s job is because they are surrounded with gifted individuals who provide care to them in so many ways.

When you think of a physical therapist, an engineer and a housefather, it might seem like an odd mixture for a team, but not at CSC.  Odd is beautiful.  Recently, these three joined together to help one of the toddlers.  The toddler is developmentally delayed and he receives more care than others because of his needs. 

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We do not always have the correct or needed equipment around the shelter, so we make do or figure out a way to make what we need and we try to do that well.  With lots of brainstorming between the physical therapist, the engineer and the housefather, they were able to create a piece of equipment that allows the toddler to cruise around the playground.

The little guy’s smile was priceless!  People watching were teary-eyed.  The proud team was also beaming with smiles.  One kid’s success is everyone’s success.  Whether you are fixing a light bulb, making a meal or just visiting CSC, the impact you have on a kid’s life is priceless.     

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