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Canadian Friends Amaze

Apr. 30, 2015By: Paul Healy

Marlys, Jenny and I just got back from British Columbia, where we had the pleasure to attend the Canadian banquet. We have an organization in Canada that puts on a banquet and auction every Spring to raise money for the ministry of CSC. Led by a faithful board, the Cebu Christian Shelter Community for Children works hard throughout the year to promote CSC and plan their annual event.

The amazing thing about the Canadian organization is that it is entirely volunteer. As such, they can send everything that they raise to Cebu for the kids. This year's event raised about $30,000 for the ministry. I can not begin to describe how hard the board members worked to put on this evening, getting the auction items, displaying the silent auction items, decorating the church, planning the program and handling the seating. What a dedicated group of people expressing their love for the kids in Cebu through hard work and dedication.

We had such a great time attending and participating in the event, meeting with the board and fellowshiping with friends in the area. A highlight was seeing two former residents with their families.

Harry and Marlene Schmidt, who built our residences in Cebu back in 1992, were at the event, and it was such a pleasure to be able to thank them, once again, for the impact they had on our ministry. The Schmidt Family Foundation has partnered with children's ministries around the world, bringing hope to thousands of children.

Thanks you CCSCC, for your hard work and for sharing our burden for homeless children in the Philippines. What a great event you put on! Again.              

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