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Feb. 17, 2015By: Shari Reasoner

One of the second grade classes at Cebu Children of Hope School has been working on subtraction in math class.  They've been trying to master that whole regrouping thing in double digit problems where you have to borrow a group of ten from the tens place value (the second column) and add it to the ones place value (the first column) because the bottom number in the ones is larger than the top number.  Remember?  The kids were working on the mechanics of the whole thing and also trying to actually understand what they were doing by using manipulatives, things like cubes and counters and a hundreds chart.  Fun stuff.  The trickiest part of the whole process was actually being able to explain what they were doing.  And for our kids they have to explain in their second language. 

Well, on this particular day they had pretty much mastered the process part of things and were completing some problems on their own.  The last question required them to explain in words when one would need to regroup in any given problem.  The short answer should have been something like, "When the bottom number is bigger than the top number in the ones column."  I am sure Teacher Cris would have accepted an even simpler answer like, "when the bottom number is bigger."  But the most creative answer to the question, "When do you have regroup?" wasn't anything like that.  One student just decided to put off the whole thing for a while.  Her answer to the question was "TOMORROW!"  Needless to say, Cris and I had a good laugh.     

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