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Planning, planning

Jan. 7, 2015By: Grace Anderson

I have been involved in a complete whirlwind of activity this week! For one thing, this week has been very busy because it is the first normal week we have had since the Christmas holidays. I have been working hard on catching up on my reports, and getting back into toddler program (we took a break for the holidays). So far it has all been going well! My reports are all caught up and toddler program has been a blast! It has been fun because we have a lot of younger toddlers moving up into the program. Our group moved from 9 toddlers to about 13 or 14! Needless to say, it has been a bit of a different dynamic! 

Another reason I have been busy is that I have been working hard on planning for my music recital. On February 2 at 6pm I will be having a music recital for my 8 voice and piano students. I have been planning everything from program order, to creating a program, creating invites, gathering supplies, preparing the kids, informing staff, houseparents and teachers and much much more! I have pretty much completed the program, and this is what my plans are thus far.  The program will exist in two parts.  The first half of the program will start with 6 Broadway vocal selections followed by a piano interlude. We will then have a brief intermission so that the kids have the chance to change costumes, and then the second half of the program will include Disney and movie classics.  

One thing I have been working on gathering this week is costumes. This has been really fun for me, considering my background in music and theater.  Each of the songs is sung by a different character, which means that some children have up to three different costumes! I am proud to say that I have found most of the costumes already, and am now just working on the finishing touches.  As you can tell from my writing, I am super excited for this event, and so are the kids! It has been so much fun to see them grow in their musical and theatrical abilities, and to watch some of them come out of their shells as they gain confidence through music. 

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