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Nov. 29, 2014By: Paul Healy


Life is full of trade-offs.We enjoy some things at the expense of others. That is really true for our CSC staff. And Marlys and I are feeling it in a big way. This  is a great time of year, and we are enjoying spending lots of time with our family. But Christmas is an especially fun time of year at CSC in Cebu. We have lots of fun activities for the children and it is so great to spend Christmas with the CSC family. We will miss that greatly this year. Its a trade-off.  Another is the weather. We miss the tropical warmth of Cebu but like the changes of seasons and the snow that Minnesota offers. We like being involved in the promotion of the ministry and fund raising efforts that support the ministry, but miss the daily work on the Cebu side.

Although the past 35 years of ministry have had a good share of difficulties, and we have missed out on a lot with our families, we wouldn't trade them for anything.  We have had exciting lives directing CSC, and we have been blessed greatly seeing God's hand in the ministry. We have met so many terrific people, and had a chance to invest in the lives of hundreds of kids.  We thank him regularly for giving us the opportunity to serve Him in Cebu!



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