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Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting!  This is one of the most popular activities in school that CCHS children look forward to.  Each level is given a slot every quarter to share what they have learned in SRA (reading and language arts) class through songs, poems, stories, and other activities. 

Level B1 students did a great job in their morning meeting last week.  They shared about kindness and sharing stories, the two most recent themes they had covered in reading.  There was a variety of presentations. 

morning_meetinb5fe4d8d68One group of students shared a song about kindness.  

morning_meeting_2Another group told a story using hand puppets.  

morning_meeting_3One of the boys talked about sharing stories using a big hand-made book.  

morning_meeting_4The children ended the morning meeting with a dance about sharing.  

It was fun to see Level B1 students perform!

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