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Conferences: Sharing about the Students

Oct. 11, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Twice every school year, the teachers meet with the house parents, child care team, and other staff members to share how each student is doing in school. The small class sizes and many hours spent together make the teachers experts about the children. The teachers know how to inspire the students. They know how to explain the lessons. They know how to meet the children where they are at.

Recently, the first teacher conferences of the year were held. It was great to hear about the strides the students are making. The teachers shared some anecdotes about the children, giving insight into the mind of each child.

  • One teenage boy loves drawing and is good at it. However, sometimes he spends too much time on the drawings for an assignment and does not leave enough time for the writing part.
  • A preschooler was described by his teacher as having "a lot of potential to learn a lot this year."
  • One first grade student recommended a comic book to his teacher. "If you read this teacher, it is funny," he said.
  • After a day of vacation, a student confessed to his teacher, "I don't like no class. It is boring to have no learning."

The teachers also shared some of the school work the children of have been doing. The drawings by the kindergarteners and first graders showed how much they have improved in just the first few months of the year. The more difficult books the upper elementary students have been reading show how much they comprehend. It is encouraging from preschool on up!

Here is one student's work "The Lion and the Worm" read by the author, Lerma.

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