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Babies in God's Hands

Oct. 8, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

When a new baby is being cradled lovingly in the arms of the person caring for him, we are given a glimpse of being held in the hands of God.

Two weeks ago, a two day old newborn boy came to CSC. This week, a little baby girl joined CSC at about one week old.  They are both in good health, but still they need constant care, just like any newborn baby.  They are fragile, demanding, beautiful, and completely dependent. 

We are babies to God.  We need constant care even when we are in the best place in our lives and doing the very best we can.  With God’s hands to guide and protect us, we can do amazing things.  Actually, God does amazing things through us. 

It is humbling to care for a newborn baby.  A baby's potential is vast and we can be a part of fulfilling that potential.  God wants to use us to fulfill His plans. 

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