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Sep. 2, 2014By: Shari Reasoner

Last week Laura came to visit us at school.  Laura taught at our school for six years as an instructional assistant, working mainly with preschoolers and individual students in one-on-one tutoring sessions.  Laura is a lady with a story to tell, a powerful story of transformation. 

When Laura first started at CCHS, she was shy and new to the world of teaching.  She gained confidence with experience and the encouragement of her colleagues.  Laura was a also a seeker, intrigued by the message of God as her personal saviour.  She asked a lot of questions and eventually sought to have Christ as the guiding force in her life.  This desire transformed Laura giving her new purpose and a confidence she had not had before. 

Serious trouble arose in February of 2012 when Laura was diagnosed with cancer.  She had surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possble, but she was also frightened of chemotherapy, so she chose to try alternative therapies in an attempt to arrest the spread of the disease.  When these therapies were not successful and she was again faced with the decision to try chemotherapy, Laura realized her fear of chemotherapy had been the driving force of her decisions rather than her faith in God's promises.

Laura decided to have chemotherapy and she is feeling better, but she is not cancer free.  However, Laura is the first to tell others the promises of God are true and right.  She is firm in her belief God will give her the strength she needs each day.  She is bold and confident.  She loves to tell her story of God's transforming power in her life, come what may.  


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