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Great News!

Aug. 22, 2014By: Shari Reasoner

Last March the National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 6 was administered by the Department of Education.  This is a nation-wide test given to all students in their last year of elementary school.  This was the first time we had any of our students take the national test because we had been exempt from taking it in the past.  The rules changed recently so we had two students who qualified to take the test.  To be honest, we did not have a good feeling about what the results would be because of a planning glitch in the Department of Education.  We had not been informed of the exact day the test was going to be administered, so we had to scramble the day of the test. 

The results of the test did not come out until about 6 months after they were taken.   Cris Tabra, the principal of our school, was attending a private school administrators meeting a couple of weeks ago and she noticed one attendee looking at a print out of the results of the NAT.  She started looking at the back of the list of results for private schools in Cebu City.  When Cebu Children of Hope School did not appear on the back couple of pages, she kept turning forward to the first page.  There was the name of our school third on the list!  Our students had done well enough to rank third out of 98 private schools in the city.  Wow!

The girls were excited they had done so well.  Their efforts at school paid off in a big way.  The teachers might have been even more proud and excited than the girls.  What a great encouragement for all.  As teachers we are thankful for the children's achievement.  We are also very thankful for the reading and math curriculums we use.  Both programs expose the children to a broad knowledge base and prepare them to think critically.  Thank you for being a part of Cebu Children of Hope School, praying for the students and staff as we gather each day to learn and grow. 

Our Third Place Girls!



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