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New Haircut Ladies

Aug. 18, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

The children have lots of good people around them.  The children look up to the aunties and uncles.

Recently, Auntie Yayang suggested an idea to a few of the girls—a cute, short haircut.  The girls liked the idea, but had one condition.  They wanted Auntie Yayang to join them in cutting their hair.  She liked the idea, and could not say no to their persistent nagging.  Auntie Yayang did the honors of cutting the girls’ hair into a cute new do.  A few days later, she fulfilled her end of the agreement and came to work with a matching short haircut.  She knew better than to leave her hair at the mercy of a bunch of young girls.

It is cute to see how an auntie and children bond over a few snips of a scissors. 


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