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Order to Eating

Aug. 6, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Most kids need encouragement to eat their vegetables. Some kids are always leaving the food they like less on their plate until last. Other kids just eat everything in front of them.

At a school activity I sat next to a boy who eating the last bit of his snack. I asked which one of the four snacks he liked the best. He said the one he was eating. He explained he liked to eat the least tasty thing first and work his way to the best. He ranks the parts of his meals and decides on an order in which to eat each part.

I smiled and nodded. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I do the exact same thing. Call us crazy, but that is how we like to eat.

It is fun to see how kids think. I wonder what I will learn about one of the kids today?


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