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Thomas is One!

Aug. 3, 2014By: Joel Reasoner

Thomas is one amazing young boy.  He is one resilient and persevering boy.  He is one happy and upbeat boy.  And now he is one year old!

Thomas has been through more in his life than most people, and he just turned one.  He has had several surgeries and spent lots of time in the hospital in his first year of life.  Through it all he keeps his spirits high.  Even when in the hospital feeling bad, it is rare that he is in a bad mood.

Over the past couple months he has been healing up after a major surgery.  Now that he is healthier, the child care workers can give him more freedom to satisfy his inquisitive mind.  He is loving it!

He really likes books.  He looks at them so intently that some of the child care workers joke that he already knows how to read.  Recently, he has started to learn how to walk.

Many, many, many people have prayed continually for him and his recovery and development.  So celebrate with us as Thomas turns one.  It is great day!

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