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A Blessing to Us

Jul. 24, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Today new three new kids came to CSC.  It is another great day!  Of course these siblings are apprehensive at first, but are quickly warming up to the caring people that surround them.

Uncle Don Don is the house father of Eicher home where the new siblings will live.  Yesterday he shared with the child care workers, "We have three new kids coming tomorrow!"

Auntie Amy quickly bombarded him with questions.   "There are new kids Uncle?  How old are they?  Will there be kids in the nursery?"

Auntie Helen put it well, "Well, if we still have extra room, let them keep coming. Everybody is welcome!”

Uncle Don Don summed it up, "Of course!  These new kids are a blessing to us."


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