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Full Cup of Water

Hi, I’m Michelle.  It’s a blessing for me to be a part of Cebu Children of Hope School.  This is my second year working as an instructional assistant in the school ministry and I’m glad I am working here.

I’m Wilmar’s Math teacher.  Part of our studies in Math have been about spatial concepts like full and empty (just sort of a review), and for him to understand more about it.  For a recent lesson, I prepared one empty cup and one full cup of water.  (We had done this before and Wilmar drank the water!)  I pointed to the cup without water as I said to Wilmar, “This cup is empty.”   Then I pointed to the other cup full of water and said, “This cup is full of water.”  I was expecting Wilmar to drink the water, but to my surprise, he didn’t.  This young man has matured a lot.




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