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Rainy Day Activities

Jul. 19, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Most days in the Philippines are sunny and hot.  This past week a typhoon was passing by the Philippines bringing clouds and rain.  Only the edge of the typhoon affected Cebu City, so at the shelter the temperature cooled a little and it rained off and on for several days.

The kids wore long sleeve shirts to school to stay comfortable while studying and learning.  After school though, the activities changed from the normal routine.  The kids could not play soccer on the playground or climb on the jungle gym.  They had to stay inside, so they filled their afternoons with drawing, building boxes, reading and hanging with babies.

At CSC, we are blessed to have wonderful homes to shelter the children.  We are especially reminded of this whenever bad weather is threatening.  Thank you to all who help keep these homes safe and secure for the children.

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