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A Conversation

Jul. 11, 2014By: Featured Guest

Level B2 (grade 3) has 8 students.  During my first day at Cebu Children of Hope School, I was really fascinated with the students that I have. In my 2 years of teaching at other schools, I had more than 30 students in my classes.  I am lucky that I am now at CCHS.

One day last week, one of my students touched me so much. He asked for help because he didn’t know how to answer a question. To be fair to the other students, I told him to read the question again and analyze it.  However, he insisted so I explained the question to him and at the same time I tried to get to know him a bit more.  We talked about where he had come from and a bit about his family.  Suddenly he started crying.  His classmates told him to stop crying, but it didn’t work.  I talked with him some more and asked him, “Did you cry because of your family or did you cry because you could not answer the question?” He did not answer and instead he bowed his head.  I asked him again, “Is it about your family?” He nodded.  Then he looked up and smiled at me and said, “I’m okay teacher and thank you for helping me.”


-Clayd Verzales, Level B Teacher

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