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Twin Babies Arrive

Jun. 27, 2014By: Joel Reasoner

Today was fun at the shelter.  Twin babies arrived!

The little boy and girl were born at Glory Reborn maternity clinic.  So many loving hands and hearts have already cradled these precious children in their few short days.  CSC is excited to continue the loving care which Glory Reborn started.

As the twins came in the gates of CSC, aunties from all the houses were buzzing, “Are those the new twin babies?”  Hundreds of babies have received loving care at CSC and still the arrival of two more babies is an exciting event.

The little twins are settling into the Eicher nursery.  The other toddlers are peeking into their crib.  In the evening, the older children in Cherne home crowded around a camera to see a picture of the two new children.

The love and care for the new twins will come from everyone—toddlers to adults.

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