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The first question

Jun. 21, 2014By: Paul Healy

Marlys, Jenny and I are in MN for one year. When I see people for the first time (on this stay) they will invariably ask,
"When do you go back?" Sometimes before saying "hi" or asking how I'm doing, they will inquire as to our return date. I think the reason is that we have been living in Cebu for so long that people just imagine us being there. And for some, we are their link to the Philippines and CSC. Seeing us in Minnestoa seems out of place.

Sometimes I do feel out of place in the U.S. In getting situated here we have so much learning to do about technology: phones, internet, new forms of information and communication. It hit us the other night when some of our former CSC residents came over for a visit. They had to show us how our new phones worked. It was a little embarassing, but when we reflected on it we thought it was pretty  cool. Kids we helped to rescue from poverty and homelessness several years ago are now our  mentors for life in the States!

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