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In God's Hands

Jun. 2, 2014By: Joel Reasoner

When I got up in the morning, out the window was an interesting site.  A rainbow was hanging low over Banawa, Cebu City.  The arch that usually spans the sky was down among the people.  I walked toward the next room, again looking out the window.  Now I noticed something amazing.  The end of the rainbow was resting over the shelter.  Well, there are many buildings, homes, and business in that line of sight, but naturally I noticed the shelter situated just beyond the orange and yellow cranes.

God has the shelter in His hand.  He holds so much in his hand.  New children arrived at the shelter just last week, finding a safe place.  Children who were sick have regained their strength.  Children who were burdened not so long ago with responsibility beyond their years are laughing and playing on the shelter’s playground.

The shelter is a special place because God is holding it in the palm of His hand.


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