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What time of day?

May. 23, 2014By: Paul Healy

What time of day would you most like to be at the Shelter?

Early morning is a good time. The children are up early and having devotions in their homes with their house parents. You could stand outside in the playground and listen to them singing and praying.

Right after breakfast is another good time. During the school year the children are getting ready to head up to school. Some are just finishing up their chores, perhaps watering the plants. The toddlers are going out to play.  There is lots of anticipation of the day ahead.

Mid-morning is Toddler Time, with special play and learning activities planned for the kids who are too young for pre-school. The kids are amazingly cute and really enjoy this time of learning and exploring.

Lunch time. The school kids head home to eat and discuss the morning school activities.

Afternoon. Things are pretty quiet with the younger children taking naps and the older ones at school. But there is a lot going on. The washing ladies are doing load after load of diapers and clothes for the children. Maintenance staff are doing gardening, cleaning screens and windows. The cooks clean up the kitchen and start the preparations for dinner.  Meetings are going on in the child care and medical offices.

After school. This is the noisy time as all ages of children attack the playground. Some ride scooters around the sidewalk circumference. Some play basketball or soccer. The younger ones use the swings and slide. Babies in strollers go up the driveway. Older children organize games of tag and dodgeball.

5:00 p.m. A bell is rung and the children wind down their games. (At least in theory, they do!) The younger ones have their baths. The older children do their chores around the grounds. Its fun to watch them work together, enjoying each other and learning about responsibility and work.

6:00 is suppertime. Some of the kids help set the table, others will clean up and do the dishes. Good nutritious food is served and the children are thankful. They will do a unison "thank you auntie" for the cook.

After supper its time to do homework or, if none, to play board games or read. On weekends the kids will watch a DVD or be allowed to play outside. The house parents or staff members will pray with the kids after homework is finished. By 9:00 everyone is in bed and, not so much later, sound asleep. It is great to walk around the grounds and marvel at what God is doing at CSC.

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