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Summer Activities

May. 19, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Summer is a fun change of pace for the children at CSC.  They get to take a break from homework and play all day.  Well, there are still chores to do, so it is not all play.

Each summer, some of the children get to participate in an activity.  The children ten years old and above got to pick between soccer, baking, and music lessons this summer.  Eight children jumped at the chance to play soccer, which has become one of the favorite games at the shelter in recent months.  The children join other kids at the city sports complex to learn from a local coach.  Three children took the opportunity to learn how to bake with Teacher Jam.  They have already made chocolate chip cookies and  a carrot cake for Uncle Mitch’s birthday party.  Music lessons attracted thirteen children to sign up.  They are learning a variety of instruments from Teacher Ricky.  He is teaching most of the children two different instruments. Two instruments is big for one summer.

The soccer coach just extended class for another week and the soccer players cheered.  Now, all three classes will end at the end of May.  The children’s excitement it fun to see.  There are good smells coming for the kitchen, sweet sounds from the music room, and improved soccer skills on the playground.

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