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Partial Banquet Review

May. 5, 2014By: Paul Healy

We watched the Banquet early on Sunday morning here in Cebu. We had planned to Skype, but that wasn't possible so we went with Face Time. That provided a good visual connection but we had almost no sound. So we tried to read lips and anticipate what people would be saying. It was fun but a little frustrating. Anyway, here is what we saw. We will rely on others who were actually there to provide a full report.

We saw hundreds of friends of CSC, gathered together to celebrate 35 years of ministry in Cebu. And the celebration was grand, with a giant cake, a video featuring the CSC kids and staff dancing and partying, and special gifts for Table 35. We saw a cool looking jazz group that appeared to be playing well.

We saw a brand new emcee (Jared Gustafson) who was entusiastic, and whose love for CSC was evident. And he kept things moving along; the program was over by 8:30!

We saw a huge cake and a fun looking birthday celebration.

We saw our former resident, Erna, standing up so beautiful and confident as she told her story, and helped everyone see CSC through her eyes when she came to live with us.

We saw other speakers delivering what appeared to be heart-felt messages about the ministry.

We saw our people respond, once again, to the offering challenge, giving more than $118,000 for the children in Cebu. (Thanks to the slide that was projected with the offering total!)

We saw people we know and those we don't yet know. We saw and felt God's presense in the room, and we are all grateful to God for bringing all these great people together to celebrate what is happening here in Cebu.

Thanks to all who attended and those who gave so generously.

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