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The Wheels are in Good Hands

Apr. 26, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

Uncle Edwin and Uncle Ike were washing one of the vehicles and waiting for the next errand in need of a driver. Joemar was hanging out with them.

I asked Joemar, "Is Uncle Edwin a good driver?"

"Yes," he answered.

So I asked, "How about Uncle Ike, is he a good driver?"

Without thinking, Joemar answered, "No." And then a huge smile spread across his face as he started to laugh.

All four of us busted out laughing. Joemar had jumped on the chance to tease Uncle Ike, who is always joking with Joemar.


Uncle Ike, Joemar, and Uncle Edwin

I walked away, still chuckling. Joemar looks up to Uncle Edwin and Uncle Ike. They have driven him all over the city--to work at McDonald's, the doctor and dentist. They have helped him get on the right jeepney. They have been great role models for Joemar.

It is wonderful that Joemar can feel comfortable and at ease with the men he looks up to enough to joke around with. It is wonderful that they welcome him to joke with them. Love surrounds the children of the shelter.


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