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CHS Graduation

Apr. 16, 2014By: Joel Reasoner  ›  Author Bio

The 2013-2014 school year came to a close at Children of Hope School, culminating with the graduation ceremony.  Four students graduated from preschool and are ready to move onto kindergarten and elementary school.  Three students graduated from sixth grade and now high school awaits them. 

Smiles were all around, teachers smiling because of all the hard work of the students, proud house parents smiling at the children, and students smiling because of a job well done.

Mitch Ohlendorf, CSC Executive Director, gave an inspiring speech to the graduates.  The sixth grade graduates performed a dance with four fifth grade students to the song, "Children of the Heavenly Father."  The preschool graduates were super cute as they performed to the song, "Come Young Citizens of the World." One fifth grade student even sang her own original composition, "Savior of All." 

The graduation was a great symbol of the great school year.   Now the students and teachers can take a break of a couple months before starting into the next school overlay

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