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Writing Things Down

Mar. 23, 2014By: Paul Healy

One of the things that we haven't been very good at CSC over the years is documentation. Actually, we are pretty good at the documentation needed for our children: birth certificates, medical reports, child study and developmental reports, pictures, etc. But we haven't spent much time putting down on paper the history of CSC. Working with kids in the way that we do, we move from one big thing to the next. Children come and they go and new ones come. Events occur but we don't have time to sit and think about them and their significance.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. We need to get these things in writing. We need to document the ways that God has worked and blessed us in this ministry. We need to put our memories in written form so others can be edified, and even entertained, by them. CSC is an amazing ministry that has enjoyed God's favor for 35 years. People have made huge contributions with their time, talents and treasures. Children have blessed lives here and in the homes and communities where they have settled through adoption. Hurdles have been overcome. Prayers have been answered in miraculous ways.

So, with some fear and trepidation, I am going to begin work soon on this huge project. I will be assembling written materials, pictures and newsletters. I'm going to interview people who have been on our staff or our board, or who have been close to the ministry in different ways. I'm going to pick their minds, looking for stories and accounts that will help tell the story of CSC's first 35 years. It will be a big job, and I worry that I won 't be able to do justice to the people and events that have been used and shaped by God through our history. For Marlys and me it has been a tremendous ride. I want the book to accurately highlight that ride, and the rides of others who have helped make CSC work so well since 1979.

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