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Camp 2014!

Mar. 1, 2014By: Joel Reasoner

Camp was a blast!  The 38 kids had a long list of favorite activities—swimming, good food, beach combing, games, chapel time, and on and on.  They had so much fun they did not want to leave.

The Central Baptist work team, yet again, led a great camp for the kids.  Many new kids have arrived at CSC since the last camp in 2012, so it was a fun new experience for them.

One of the highlights was the baptism on Sunday.  Eleven people, nine kids and two adults, were baptized by Pastor Joel and Pastor Chuck in the ocean on the southern tip of Cebu Island.  It was a wonderful demonstration of faith and a great example for the younger kids.

After the three hour bus ride home, the kids were already sharing their excitement for the next camp—two years from now.

Thank you to the Central team for another wonderful camp to the kids of CSC!

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