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Typhoon Gift Limit

Jan. 27, 2014By: Matt Buley

Dear Friends,

Over and over again we have been touched by the generosity we've witnessed from around the globe for those families that were impacted by the typhoon. Amidst devastation we have seen the beauty of people showing love for other people--those they will never meet. We are honored to have been a part of getting needed items to those who were hurting.

At CSC, we are to the point where we have done what we can for those we set out to serve after the typhoon: families of staff members and families of former CSC residents who were impacted by the storm. As we have served them we have recognized that we are not in the business of disaster response, and at this point, feel it is wise to direct all our efforts to the care of our 88 children.

For that reason, we will no longer be accepting typhoon gifts. As new gifts arrive we will try to reach those donors to ask if they would prefer the gift be returned or redirected to another organization. In the cases where we don't reach the donor, those gifts will be distributed to other organizations that are doing typhoon relief.

Thank you for caring about the Philippines, and for caring about people that need help. May God bless you.

Matt Buley

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