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Fearless boarders!

Jan. 15, 2014By: Lindsay Hoeft

Christmas has come and gone, and at CSC, after that holiday season comes "Waveboard Season!"  Okay, okay, it is not a real season, but after this particular Christmas, it certainly seems like it is.  Santa delivered 18 waveboards to us this year and most days there are that many riders out at one time!  It is amazing to watch the abilities that our kids have with this toy.  Within minutes of getting one, some kids are able to get on, master the balancing, and with a little shake to get them going, they are cruising down our driveway.  They make it look so easy, so easy in fact that over the Christmas break, I was motivated to give it a try.

I put one foot on, looked for a handhold and tried to convince myself to put my other foot on it.  AGES later, I put my other foot on and with a little scream, quickly put my foot back on the ground.  The kids, of course, found it very amusing.  They were very encouraging and patient with me, despite their immense excitement at the possibility of seeing Auntie Lindsay waveboarding!  Sadly, I didn't go anywhere, but the sight seemed to be enough to satisfy their curiousity!

Check out the talent we have in our midst!


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