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Typhoon has passed

Nov. 8, 2013By: Matt Buley

Thank you for your concern for CSC and the Philippines as we endured a super typhoon in Cebu today. We are feeling protected. Three trees went down, one on the roof of our small music building, but we are okay. This was a dangerous storm, so serious that several news outlets have reported it may be the most intense storm recorded in world history.

Blessedly, the 87 children in our care don't have a concept of that. They think the typhoon was fun because more staff were in the homes all day and they got to watch movies, do puzzles and play games. We are thankful they are naive to what could have happened.

Our founders, Paul and Marlys Healy, appear to have the worst damage at their home on our staff. They have a wall in the back of their house down and a tree leaning against their house. Please pray for them to be safe from break-ins, and also for their daughter Jenny. Power is out throughout Cebu City, and Jenny, who has special needs, finds that very difficult. I know they would be grateful.

Please pray for the part of the Philippines that was hit more directly. We are concerned for what must have happened in the places where they had wind gusts of 235mph. We can only imagine the destruction and loss of life that might have occurred.

Thank you for all those prayers and your concern for CSC. We couldn't do our work without people like you.

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