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Oct. 27, 2013By: Paul Healy

The recent earthquake in Cebu and the neighboring island of Bohol has resulted in suffering and loss of property. Filipinos have responded with generous efforts to help out. Food, clothing, water and building supplies are being donated and distributed by private citizens, businesses and civic organizations, even as the Philippine government and NGOs direct larger amounts of relief aid to the victims.

A few days after the quake, Ruth Ohlendorf was talking to the Teen Home residents about the relief efforts. They mentioned to her that they would love to help. They asked about the amount of money they each had in their allowance fund, and each decided to give to buy supplies for those who were hurting. One resident gave all of her money to the project. With their pooled allowances, Julieto and Roselyn went shopping at the local supermarket, and the purchased goods were brought to a distribution center.

Without being asked or even encouraged to give, these young adults responded out of love and compassion. Their hearts are good!



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