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Its Conference time!

Sep. 23, 2013By: Lindsay Hoeft

Last week was Conferences at the Children of Hope School.  So on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 12:30-4:30, our hardworking teachers presented on their students to the staff and house parents.

It is so nice to be able to learn how each child is doing in their class, what their strengths are, what their favorite subjects are, what they like to write about or talk about most.  Our kids are funny!  And creative!  And inspiring!  It was a great time to hear from each teacher how we can encourage, support and praise our kids for the unique skills, talents and challenges they have.

What also stood out to me so vividly is the dedication with which our teachers approach their class and the unique students they have in it.  We are blessed to have small class sizes at our school and most children are working at the level that best fits them.  When children come to us they have had little to no schooling, certainly none of which was at all consistent.  The gaps are significant.  Our teachers make countless accomodations and modifications so that each of the children in their class is being challenged, but not overwhelmed.  It is no small feat.

Check out some of their work below.  I am sure you will find the short stories entertaining and the letters heart-warming!


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