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Aunties and Uncles!

Sep. 14, 2013By: Paul Healy

We do not recognize the contributions of our direct service workers enough. They are truly the heart and soul of our ministry. They feed, cook, bathe, change, medicate, comfort, mediate, encourage, admonish, discipline, and a whole lot more things I can't think of right now. We need to honor them more often. Consider this blog entry and attempt to do that. You can help honor them by praying for them and their families. Our aunties and uncles are very hard working and dedicated, and most of them have families of their own to go home to. There they need to do the same tasks that they perform at CSC. It is not an easy job, but I think most of our workers would tell you of the ways that their lives have been blessed through investing in the lives of our children.

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