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You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

Sep. 10, 2013By: Lindsay Hoeft




Think of a wonderful thought

Any merry little thought
Think of Christmas, think of snow
Think of sleigh bells
Off you go like reindeer in the sky
You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly!

Think of the happiest things
It's the same as having wings
Take the path that moonbeams make
If the moon is still awake
You'll see him wink his eye
You can fly, you can fly!
You can fly!

Up you go with a heigh and ho
To the stars beyond the blue
There's a Never Land waiting for you
Where all your happy dreams come true
Every dream that you dream will come true

When there's a smile in your heart
There's no better time to start
Think of all the joy you'll find
When you leave the world behind
And bid your cares goodbye
You can fly, you can fly!
You can fly, you can fly!
You can fly!

I captured that picture above, and as I pushed the button of my camera, this song was running through my head.  It is one of the songs from the Disney movie, Peter Pan.  It is a classic, from pre-Pixar days.  For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, it is about a boy from the magical land of Never Land.  It is a story of fantasy, magic and imagination.

I remember watching that movie as a child and when that song came on, I felt excitement and joy---like anything was possible!  Peter Pan was able to fly!  With just a little bit of pixie dust after all.

As I watched that boy running across the yard with that plastic bag as if it were a parachute, or a plane or a spaceship, I felt like he felt the same thing.  And I was so happy and grateful that he could feel that.  Despite where he had come from before arriving at CSC, he was feeling like a kid, a carefree, fun-loving, free to imagine kid.  He didn't have to worry about begging for food or tend to an ailing family member.

All too often our kids have had to grow up much sooner than they should have.  And not to say that CSC is like Never Land, but it is not unheard of to see kids regress a little once they come.  When they realize they are no longer responsible for the health and wellness of their siblings or for finding food for their family, they play more and sometimes as if they were younger.

Growing up is a process that can't be avoided; however, it's nice to know that being a kid isn't that far out of reach...


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