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Cebu City and CSC

Sep. 1, 2013By: Paul Healy

Cebu City has been our home for more than 34 years. It is the home of our ministry and our families. We have seen tremendous change here in our years as residents. It is a place of great beauty. Tourists flock to the beaches of Mactan Island and other places in droves, coming from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Australia, Europe and North America. Sadly, many of these visitors never cross the bridge to Cebu City, so they do not get an accurate picture of what life is like for the greater percentage of Filipinos living here. They see the beautiful white sand beaches and blue ocean water, but fail to observe the teeming squatter areas, the street children and families, and the desperate poverty that is the way of life for hundreds of thousands here in Cebu City. 

Cebu is a fascinating place to visit. Visitors who make it a point to get the full tour go away with an education in the diverse lifestyles, opportunities and expressions of Philippine culture that make this such an interesting place. It isn't pleasant to view the poverty and difficulties of life, but those things are part of the reality of life here. Often that exposure helps reinforce people's resolve to do something to help those in need, through ministries like CSC.

Although a small part of the city geographically, CSC is a part of the beauty and diversity that makes Cebu such a fascinating place. We have children and adults of all sizes and shapes. We have kids who come from very different situations in life, and who have varied interests and talents. But all are a part of the CSC family, and a part of the city from which many of them came. Visiting CSC has been a blessing for thousands of people over the years, and we have welcomed parties from more than 30 nations to come and see what we are doing. Check out this quick view of Cebu City and CSC.




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