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An Amazing Phone Call

Aug. 30, 2013By: Jill Grasley  ›  Author Bio
As I was getting ready to leave the office at the end of the day yesterday, the phone rang. I picked it up to greet the caller. The voice on the other end of the line told me that he was calling because he wanted to give half of everything he owned to CSC in his will. It took a minute for that statement to sink in. Half of everything he owned?
We chatted for a while and he explained that many years ago he traveled to Cebu, where he saw indescribable poverty. He hadn't forgotten. He shared that while he wasn't a rich man by any means, he wanted to do what he could to leave a legacy and to impact the lives of kids in need. 

At CSC we speak often about the hearts of our donors. These hearts are amazing, generous and responsive! As gifts come to CSC to support the care of our kids in Cebu, time and time again we are reminded that it is not the amount of each gift, but rather the heart of the giver. These hearts change lives and bring smiles to adorable faces like this one. IMAGE_170e2475548c3  
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