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We Love You, Too!

Aug. 21, 2013By: Matt Buley

The other day I was having coffee with a donor. We were having a good talk when another donor walked into the coffee shop. He was meeting with a pastor and the four of us got the chance to do introductions and say hello.

I know both of these donors well and it was exciting to introduce them, but the best part was how the one introduced me and CSC to his pastor friend. He said, "my wife and I only give monthly to two organizations. One is our church, the other is the Children's Shelter of Cebu."

When he and his friend walked away, the other donor looked at me and said, "wow, what an honor." He was struck by that statement too. Could we ask for a better endorsement? It was really touching.

Since those introductions I've been thinking about how much I love our monthly donors. There's something very encouraging about someone signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer or choosing to give faithfully every month. Whenever I look at the monthly contributors list I marvel at how much they must believe in CSC. You can't say, "I believe in you" much better than giving something of yours to keep us at work in Cebu. And to faithfully do it every month? It means a lot.

All of our contributors must love our kids and love what we do. They could find something else to spend that money on, but instead they send it to care for homeless children in Cebu. And we love our donors too! We wouldn't be here without you.

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