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Snack time business!

Aug. 15, 2013By: Lindsay Hoeft

On Monday of this week, a new business venture was begun at CSC!  The Level C1 kids are trying their hand at a food business to learn about math, economics, supply and demand and who among their teachers and aunties has a sweet tooth or an unhealthy need for soft drinks!  :)

For the next 12 school days, each day during the snack time break they will sell their handmade goodies (and handpurchased drinks); something different will be offered each day.  The first day was a red hotdog in a soft bakery bun---they also provided ketchup for those who prefer a more dressed up dog.  I had forgotten to visit the school during snack time, but I needn't have fretted as the group came to my office with their food, their bank, complete with tissues and ketchup if I needed!  Such service!  They also excitedly told me that they have Coke Light; however when I asked for one I was told that I could visit their school for that one.  :)  But really, how can you turn them down?!  And T. Glenda is a smart cookie to encourage them to make their business a mobile one!  :)

Yesterday's snack was arroz caldo, a warm soupy rice dish.  Again, the girls found me in my office.  They were, however, sold out of arroz caldo, but were wondering if I would like a drink.  They had decided to also make their drinks a part of their mobile sales---I rewarded their business savvy with my purchase of a Coke Light.

Today was gulaman; a gelatinous dessert.  It is the consistency of jello but today's was made with coconut milk instead of water.  I bought one for 3 pesos and a Coke Light to wash it down, 25 pesos for that, so my delicious snack was 28 pesos in all.  That is about 50 cents---a steal!

I have heard rumors that Monday is pancake day!  I am SUPER excited for Monday.

At the end of this project, they will calculate their earnings, split them amongst them and will go shopping together.  I have already asked some of them what they think they will buy, so far the unanimous decision has been: JUNK FOOD!  Go figure.  ;)  

  Today's snack



Future business ladies:

 They are learning early and are quite persuasive already! :)



I love how EXCITED these girls are about school and learning and I LOVE how they brighten up my day when they come to my office in the morning!

Oh and the face masks are so they practice proper food handling and hygiene; there is no end to the benefits of this project!

Also, did I mention that Monday is pancake day?  I am looking forward to Monday...



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