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A few minutes at CSC

Jul. 5, 2013By: Sandy Swanson

The best time to visit CSC is between 3:30 pm (kids get out of school) and 5:00 pm (the bells ring for the kids to do chores or go in the house for bathtime and getting ready for supper.)   If you are here between these times you  will see a yard full of kids doing an amazing number of  different things.   It never ceases to impress me how many things can be going on in our playground at one time!  

I took a few minutes to take some photos this afternoon.  I know I missed some of the action but we had kids busy playing with basketballs, soccerballs,  foam bats and  baseballs,  frisbees,  playing the infamous "rubber band game", catching bugs,  swinging,  climbing,  practising their gymnastic skills,  biking,  taking some time to be alone,  visiting,  and last, but certainly not least,  trying to decide if a tantrum was in order or not....    

Spoiler alert - apparently it was.



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