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Teacher Tam

Jul. 1, 2013By: Shari Reasoner

Tammy Vosika is closing out her time at Children of Hope School after teaching here for eight years.  Tammy started at CCHS in June of 2005, but her relationship with CSC started a long time before that.  She had visited CSC a number of times and her family adopted four brothers in the late 90s, so she had deep connections before even starting her teaching time in Cebu.  Now she is leaving, heading back to Minnesota to start a new chapter in her life.  Wow! Will she be missed!

Tammy has touched hundreds of kids' lives throughout her time here (she counted about 250 kids have passed through the doors during the time she has worked in Cebu), but Tammy has made the biggest impression on the older kids.  Tammy taught in level C (grades 4-6), so she had the kids as they studied the harder stuff at the elementary level and as they headed into their teenage years.  She taught American Studies to the kids after they were matched with their forever families, contributing to the kids' transitions to their new country.  Tammy became known as the cool science teacher.  Truth be told, Tammy was terrified to teach science at first, but she grew to really enjoy it and she helped develop the curriculum for our school. 

Tammy is a fun person and she loves games, so she often has been the one to encourage the school staff or kids to try a new game.  Tammy's gentle spirit has been an encouragement to her fellow teachers.  Her pure love for the children has been evident each day.  Thank you, Tammy.  God's peace to you as you go...

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