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Sibling love...

Jun. 5, 2013By: Lindsay Hoeft

Isn't there a saying...siblings who play together...

No, there probably isn't, but there should be.  I love watching how our sibling groups interact with each other, love on each other and even keep after each other!  :)

I happened to catch some beautiful sibling footage earlier this week.  Check out the video below!


This older sister is letting her youngest brother push her on the swing.  I love that she is letting him feel "big" and she is caring for him at the same time.  You will hear her laughter throughout the video, but you will also hear her kind of shout every time she thinks she is about to run into him!  She keeps a watchful eye and you can see her trying to slow herself down often!  I love that this little boy wants to play with his sister---I'm sure he would have kept pushing her except he was called to take a bath.  Duty calls, you know! 

No surprise that I would get a kick out of such family dynamics, being a marriage and family therapist after all; however, who wouldn't consider that moment in time precious?! 


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