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The week that was.....

May. 3, 2013By: Sandy Swanson

Every week has it's own excitement,  and it's own joys and problems to deal with.  This week was no exception.  We have had a fun week with the kids.  Summer vacation is on,  summer school and summer fan classes have started.  We have recently admitted seven new kids ages three to nine;  so we  have  lots of behavior to observe and respond to with them.  One of our little guys had the experience of having his very excited adoptive family emerge from the van....a family was made.   We have had birthday parties to celebrate and spent one afternnoon cooling off with the little swimming pools.   We were concerned about our Jacob,  he had to be hospitalized, but as of a few minutes ago Jacob's  very happy room mate (that would be Joemar) came running to my office to report that Jacob was home!  Kites are still the afternoon activity of choice for the boys.  Sidewalk chalk art was one days project.  Roselyn found a way to keep her newly claimed  kitten close to home....   We  do admit to complaining about how hot is it about every 13 seconds, but,  over all it was a good week!




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