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Moving in

Apr. 26, 2013By: Paul Healy

When children are admitted to CSC they almost always start their time with us in the infirmary. Most of them have parasites or need to be checked for tuberculosis. For some of the kids it isn't a lot of fun to be stuck in isolation when the kids are playing down on the playground. They are happy when the day comes that they can go down the steps and move into their new residence.

The other day our new sibling group of four made that move. Chosar, Marie, Charls Kyle and Stone had been in isolation for just a few days but were very anxious to say goodbye to the nursing staff and head for the Cherne Home. So when the time came they grabbed their stuff and headed out. Even though Stone, the youngest, was still asleep, the older three could not wait. Friends and aunties were waiting to greet them. Toys and Barbie dolls were also waiting. It was a grand day, and Auntie Tammy captured it on video.

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