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Apr. 21, 2013By: Paul Healy

This past weekend was banquet weekend for CSC. We here in Cebu, the staff and children, were very much invested in all of this. We made a couple of videos for the events, a silly dance type video for the adoptive families party on Friday night, and a parade video for the banquet. It was a lot of work and everyone joined in and did a great job. I couldn't believe how hard the kids worked in extreme heat to do the parade video, and how they didn't complain or lose interest in the project.

We care a lot about the events and efforts that are extended to raise funds and promote this ministry. We are happy to pitch in and do our part, and to pray for those who work hard to be able to send money here to purchase food and medicine, and to pay the salaries of our workers. The children understand what it takes for them to be able to live at CSC. It takes lots of generous people and those to tell them about CSC.

I wish you could hear the children pray at night, always including our supporters. They pray blessings on each of you and your families. We are invested in all that goes on at CSC, for we are the benefiaries of your kindness. I hope the people who viewed the videos enjoyed them as much as we did making them. Here are a few pictures of the kids, captured from those videos. They aren't very clear because they aren't actual photographs but screen grabs. But I thought you might enjoy them anyway.






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