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CSC Hiring Teachers

Jan. 31, 2013By: Matt Buley

We can't tell you it would be easy, but we can tell you you'd be changing lives...including maybe yours.

Children's Shelter of Cebu is looking to hire two new teachers for our Cebu Children of Hope School, an elementary school, in the 2013-2014 school year. These positions begin in June. Teachers are hired for a one-year contract. They must be licensed and have experience in a school with an English-based curriculum. We have a strong staff of Filipino teachers, but also like to have teachers who have taught in the US as most of our school-aged children are adopted there.

We expect a lot of our teachers, excellence in the classroom and more. You would raise funds prior to going to Cebu for the majority of your salary. You'd take part in activities at the shelter and school beyond school hours. You'd be asked to help host frequent visitors to Cebu. Most importantly, you'd be asked to be part of a loving family to children who have lost theirs.

We offer health insurance and travel, and an experience you'd remember for a lifetime.

Think you might have what it takes? Application instructions follow the position description here.


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