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Habitat for Humanity Partnership

Dec. 7, 2012By: Matt Buley

We are proud to announce a new partnership between CSC and Habitat for Humanity (HFH). It means new homes for 20 CSC employees!

The partnership is due to the hard work of our own Joel Reasoner, and especially his dad, Dr. Paul Reasoner of Bethel University. Paul has been raising money, and he and Joel have made excellent connections with the leaders of HFH in the Philippines. We are thankful for the eager support of Habitat's leadership. They have joined Paul and Joel to provide a great blessing to the people who care for CSC's precious children.

You might wonder why any CSC employees would need HFH homes. The number one factor is the cost of land in the Philippines. For many Filipinos, that land cost eliminates the ability to own their own home.

Habitat for Humanity has jumped in and provided land and expertise. Paul is hard at work raising funds to build. These great partners are hoping this is just the beginning, and so are we!

Thank you Paul, Joel and Habitat for Humanity. We are proud to be associated with you.

Check out Paul's website

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